Welcome to Pearl Jam's Classic 1998 Poster Flash Event!!

beginning Friday, September 13 at 2:00pm EDT

The event begins for non-Power Collectors in

We are very excited to offer up one of the most complete collections of classic 1998 Pearl Jam posters for sale on consignment in one place at one time! This is a single person's collection who had them for many years, and they hope each poster goes to a good home for the next owner to enjoy! The conditions of the posters vary, so please review the photographs of any poster you're interested in prior to purchase, as it may or may not have condition issues (which we did our best to describe). Please note, all sales are final.

Preview & Pre-Offers: The consignor wants to liquidate the entire collection, and in order to do so we will accept "best offer bids" for all items. If the item does not sell within 2 hours of the opening of the general sale, the person with the highest "best offer bid" will win the item. Each item will have a minimum price ($USD) set that the bid must exceed, or it will be rejected. A PayPal invoice will be sent to the winner, and it must be paid within 24 hours, or the item will be sold to the runner up "best offer bid." If there is no second bid, the item will be placed back for general sale. Bidders can email their "best offer bid" to connect@collectionzz.com, please include the name of the poster, the bid, your PayPal address and a telephone number (so we can text you that you've won). This Preview and Pre-Offer period ends at 10pm EST on September 12th.

Event Information: There will be a presale for Collectionzz Power Collectors (who were signed up prior to midnight on September 6th) beginning at 1:50pm EST on September 13th. Power Collectors who met the above deadline will be emailed a special link and password that will only work from 1:50pm-2:00pm EST on September 13th. We highly recommend not refreshing the webpage, as it may block your browser.

If you have any questions about a particular poster or the event, please email connect@collectionzz.com .